AIO-onderzoeksdag 1: Erasmus Universiteit

AIO-onderzoeksdag 1: Erasmus Universiteit

March 9th, 2007


Location: Erasmus University Rotterdam




8.30-9.00 Welcome/coffee: Room A1-26 


9.00-10.45 Session 1 

Chair: Mara Yerkes 


Peter Achterberg, EUR, “A Cold Star of Austerity? Neoliberalization and Welfare State Retrenchment.”

Discussant: Ferry Koster, UVA/AIAS 


Gerben Korthouwer, UVA/ASSR, “The Puzzle of Welfare State Reform in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands: The Importance of Inter- and Intra-Party Politics.”

Discussant: Frans van Waarden, UU 


Anne Marije van Essen, VU, “‘Steering and rowing’ to improve hospital care; The emergence of New Public Management in hospital payment systems.”

Discussant: Wim van Oorschot, UvT 


Judith Raven, EUR, “What are the boundaries of solidarity? A study on individual support of universal welfare states across time.”

Discussant: Hans Keman, VU 


10.45-11.00 Break 


11.00-12.45 Session 2

Chair: Ferry Koster 


Mariëlle Cloïn, UU, “De arbeidsdeelname van laagopgeleide vrouwen: over financieel-economische en sociaal-culturele invloeden.”

Discussant: Bram Peper, EUR 


Nynke Wiekenkamp, UVA/ASSR, “Policy learning and early retirement schemes: the debate in Belgium and in the Netherlands 1975-2005.”

Discussant: Ivy Koopmans, UU 


Mara Yerkes, EUR, “Corporatist Traditions? The Collective Protection of Social Risks in the Netherlands.”

Discussant: Paul de Beer, UVA/AIAS 


Ellen Finsveen, UvT, “Networks as proxies for social capital.”

Discussant: Paul de Beer, UVA/AIAS 


12.45-14.00 Lunch: L-building cafeteria (lunch voucher included in information packet) 


14.00-15.45 Session 3 

Chair: Romke van der Veen 


Barbara Vis,VU, “The Politics of Unpopular Welfare State Reform.”

Discussant: Peter Achterberg, EUR 


Dorota Lepianka, UvT, “Popular explanations for poverty and their determinants in Europe.”

Discussant: Kees van Kersbergen, VU 


Anna van de Schors, UU, “Research Design – Life course arrangements for Dutch employees.”

Discussant: Trudie Schils, UVA/AIAS 


Sander Quak, EUR, “On the Dual Embeddedness of Multinational Corporations: Research into Changing Ideas of Labor and Labor Policies of MNCs from the End of the 1970s Onwards.”

Discussant: Trudie Schils, UVA/AIAS 


15.45-16.00 Break 


16.00-17.45 Session 4 

Chair: Hans Pruijt 


Lisa Putman, UVA/ASSR, “Preferred job aspects internationally compared.”

Discussant: Trudie Knijn, UU 


Fabian Dekker, EUR, “The consequences of labour flexibilisation for collective risk sharing.”

Discussant: Trudie Knijn, UU 


Kathrin Komp,VU, “The population group of the young old in 10 European welfare states.”

Discussant: Romke van der Veen, EUR


Hester Houwing, UVA/ASSR, “Flexibility and Security at sector-level: The impact of the Dutch Flexibility and Security Law on employers’ ‘flexibility strategies.”

Discussant: Paul Pennings, VU 


17.45-…. Drinks/Dinner: Heerlijkheid van Honingen, Honingerdijk 263-265, Rotterdam