AIO-onderzoeksdag 3: Universiteit van Tilburg

AIO-onderzoeksdag 3: Universiteit van Tilburg

Tuesday April 21st 2009

Location: Tilburg University, Tias building (building T), room Tz-6


09.30 Coffee and registration

10:00 Welcome by Wim van Oorschot (UvT)

10:15 Session 1 – Reforms in the public sector
Chair: Romke van der Veen (EUR)

Olaf van Vliet (Leiden University): “Divergence within Convergence: Europeanisation of Social and Employment Policies
Discussant: Gijsbert Vonk (RUG)

Rosanne Oomkens (UU): “Relating contracting (health) care and welfare services to organizational formalization and professional job satisfaction (research proposal)Discussant: Rik van Berkel (UU)

11:15 Coffee break

11:45 Session 2 – Values and the welfare state

Chair: Mirjam Plantinga (RUG)

Judith Raven (EUR): “An institutional embeddedness of welfare opinions? The linkage between public opinion and social policy in the Netherlands and the UK (1970-2005)Discussant: Ferry Koster (Leiden University)

Marjolein Jeene (UvT): “Do different social groups stress different deservingness criteria?Discussant: Peter Achterberg (EUR)

12:45 Lunch (Tilbury)

13:45 Lecture Ton Wilthagen (UvT, ReflecT)
“Flexicurity policies in the European Union”

14:30 Session 3 – New policies
Chair: Ferry Koster (Leiden Uniersity)

Alex Corra (RUG): “Safeguarding public values when contracting out: Searching for Public values in tender documents for the delivery of employment reintegration servicesDiscussant: Trudie Knijn (UU)

Thomas van Huizen (Utrecht School of Economics): “Individual savings schemes: implications for working hours transitions
Discussant: Paul de Beer (UvA)

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Session 4 – The complexities of reintegration

Chair: Trudie Knijn (UU)

Peter Bos (UU): “The reintegration of long-term social assistance recipients. From insight in clients towards development of reintegration projects
Discussant: Wim van Oorschot (UvT)

Kaj van Zenderen and Debby Gerritsen (UU): “Reintegration of young migrant dropouts in the Netherlands
Discussant: Evelyne Baillergeau (UvA)

17:00 Drinks