AIO-onderzoeksdag 4: Universiteit van Amsterdam

AIO-onderzoeksdag 4: Universiteit van Amsterdam

22 & 23 April 2010

Location: University of Amsterdam, International School for Humanities and Social Sciences (ISHSS), Prins Hendrikkade 189, Amsterdam.


Note: abstracts can be downloaded but are work in progress, so please do not cite

Thursday April 22

9.00 Coffee

9.15 Opening Loes Verplanke

Morning (Public-Private):
Morning chair: Rineke van Daalen

9:30      Debby Gerritsen/ Kaj van Zenderen: ‘School satisfaction of migrant youth’ (abstract)
Discussant Bowen Paulle

10:00    David Hollanders: ‘Pension fund governance: the intergenerational conflict over risk taking’ (abstract/graphs)
Discussant Johan De Deken

10:30    Wim Eshuis: ‘Workers compensation and prevention’ (abstract/summary)
Discussant Paul de Beer

11:00-11.30 Break

11:30   Rosanne Oomkens: ‘Professionals under supervision: performance-based contracting in hospital care and home care’ (abstract)
Discussant Evelien Tonkens

12:00   Pascal Dérogée: ‘Organizational structure, investments in employability and mobility within the banking sector’ (abstract)
Discussant Ferry Koster

12:30-13:30 Lunch

Afternoon (National-Local):
Afternoon chair: Evelien Tonkens

13:30   Judith van der Veer: ‘Social care under construction: a study of a local reform process in the Netherlands’ (abstract)
Discussant Imrat Verhoeven

14:00   Thijs Bol: ‘Measuring Educational Institutional Diversity: External Differentiation, Vocational Orientation and Standardization’ (abstract)
Discussant Maarten Keune

14:30   Marieke Slootman: ‘Climbing the ladder. Identification, social capital and the social mobility of children of Moroccan and Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands’ (abstract)
Discussant Olga Sezneva

15:00   Juno Blaauw: ‘Neighborhood revitalization and the social mobility of underprivileged residents (abstract)
Discussant Loes Verplanke

15:30- 16:15 Break

Chair: Daniela Grunow

  Jet Bussemaker interviewed by Evelien Tonkens on ”Care and  Gender Equality: the interaction between Social Policy and Social Research”

17:15 Drinks

18:00 Dinner

Friday April 23

Morning (Formal-Informal)
Morning Chair: Daniela Grunow

9:00    Ellen Grootegoed: ‘Changing social care rights and new (in-)dependencies’ (abstract)
Discussant Rineke van Daalen

9:30    Franca van Hooren: ‘Immigration or public investments? Comparing policy reactions to the employment of migrant workers in long-term care in Europe’ (abstract)
Discussant Daniela Grunow

10:00   Thomas Kampen: ‘Learning participation in activation programmes’ (abstract)
Discussant Wim van Oorschot

10:30   Lilian Linders: ‘What has neighbourhood cohesion to do with informal care?’ (abstract)
Discussant Margo Trappenburg

11:00 – 11:30 Break

(Collective- individual)

11:30   Mandy Ridderhof de Wilde: Active Citizenship in Deprived Urban Neighbourhoods: Understanding Emotion Management as a Civic Capacity in Social Policy’ (abstract)
Discussant Marcel Hoogenboom

12:00  Marjolein Jeene: ‘Deservingness opinions: a trend analysis of the Netherlands (1975-2006) (abstract)
Discussant Peter Mascini

12:30  Judith Raven: ‘Deservingness, welfare state reform, and support for generous social security benefits’ (abstract)
Discussant Caroline Dewilde

13:00  Lex Veldboer: ‘Social distance and acceptance in income-mixed neighbourhoods. Looking for nimby’s & wimby’s in Dutch urban renewal areas’ (abstract)
Discussant Imrat Verhoeven

13:30 Lunch