AIO-onderzoeksdag 5: Universiteit Utrecht

AIO-onderzoeksdag 5: Universiteit Utrecht

May 13th 2011

Location: Utrecht School of Governance (USBO), Bijlhouwerstraat 6, Utrecht.
USBO is located at the southern end of the Oude Gracht, approximately a 15 minute walk from Utrecht Centraal Station. By bus, USBO can be reached using line 2 (Museumkwartier ringlijn), stop ‘Tolsteegbrug’. Parking your car near USBO can be a problem: the best option is to use the Car Park at the Springweg. For a map, seeUSBO.


Paper presentations will take place in two parallel streams.

09.30-10.00 Registration and coffee (USG restaurant, 1st floor)

10.00-12.30 Paper Presentations

Stream 1 (room: 2.02, 2nd floor)
Chair: Wim van Oorschot

10.00-10.35 Rosanne Oomkens: Does the level of professions matter? Consequences performance-based contracting for autonomy of home care workers and medical specialists (abstract)
Discussant: Chantal Remery

10.35-11.10 Hidde Rinze Koornstra: Looking for New Welfare Governance in the Netherlands: “Het Vakcollege” as a Case of Regionalization, Decompartmentalization and Hybridization (abstract)
Discussant: Albertjan Tollenaar

11.10-11.20 Break

11:20-11:55 Ioana Pop: Rich versus Poor: social effects of income inequality (abstract )
Discussant: Paul de Beer

11.55-12.30 Femke Roosma: The multidimensionality of the welfare state and welfare state attitudes (abstract)
Discussant: Duco Bannink

Stream 2 (room: 2.20, 2nd floor)
Chair: Romke van der Veen

10.00-10.35 Louis Bertrand: The « life project » in French policies for invalid workers : between writing of self and tool for evaluation (abstract)
Discussant: Robert Maier/Willibrord de Graaf

10.35-11.10 Maria Fleischmann (with Pearl Dijkstra, Joop Schippers, Ferry Koster): Labor market participation of older workers (abstract)
Discussant: Heejung Chung

11.10-11.20 Break

11.20-11.55 Anna Schonewille: Sharing responsibilities and sharing the bill? (abstract)
Discussant: Peter Mascini

11.55-12.30 Anja Eleveld: Christians, feminists, liberals, socialists, workers and employers: The emergence of an unusual discourse coalition (abstract)
Discussant: Marcel Hoogenboom

12.30-13.30 Lunch (USG restaurant, 1st floor)

13.30-14.40 Paper presentations 

Stream 1 (room: 2.02, 2nd floor)
Chair: Janneke Plantenga

13.30-14.05 Cheng Ong: Is ethnic segregation in primary schools a relevant factor in explaining high school dropout? The case of Amsterdam (abstract)
Discussant: Willibrord de Graaf

14.05-14.40 Debby Gerritsen: Young migrant women in the Netherlands: educational progress vs. limited labour market participation (abstract)
Discussant: Wim van Oorschot

Stream 2 (room: 2.20, 2nd floor)
Chair: Trudie Knijn

13.30-14.05 Deborah Rice: The activation of unemployed citizens in the Netherlands: a micro-institutional perspective (abstract)
Discussant: Els Sol

14.05-14.40 Daniel Possenriede: Flexible working time arrangements and job satisfaction (abstract)
Discussant: Ferry Koster

14.40-15.10 Break (USG Restaurant, 1st floor)

15.10-16.20 Paper presentations

Stream 1 (room: 2.02, 2nd floor)
Chair: Janneke Plantenga

15.10-15.45 Franca van Hooren: Tolerating informal work: policies for personal service provision in the Netherlands (abstract)
Discussant: Barbara da Roit

Stream 2 (room: 2.20, 2nd floor)
Chair: Trudie Knijn

15.10-15.45 Marjolein Jeene: The relation between contextual factors and welfare deservingness opinions (abstract)
Discussant: Romke van der Veen

15.45-17.30 Drinks (USG Restaurant, 1st floor)