AIO-onderzoeksdag 6: Erasmus Universiteit

AIO-onderzoeksdag 6: Erasmus Universiteit

October 9th, 2012

Location: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Room M1-06


09:00-09:30: Coffee

09:30-11:00: Session 1 
Chair: Trudie Knijn

Rosanne Oomkens-Nuijten: New Public Management in home care: linking managers, organizational contexts and professional work.
Discussant: Peter Mascini

Sander Steijn: Perceived procedural integrity of the economy and demand for redistrubution.
Discussant: Judith Raven

Aart-Jan Riekhoff: Are labour market institutions welfare state institutions? On the redistributive effects of coordinated labour markets.
Discussant: Johan de Deken

11:00-11:15: Break
11:15-12:45: Session 2
Chair: Ferry Koster

Marieke Slootman: Substantive signifiers? Ethnic and religious identifications among second generation immigrants in the Netherlands.
Discussant: Dorota Lepianda

Tim Reeskens: ‘Crowding in’ or ‘crowding out’? On the quality of social networks in the ‘age of austerity’ across European welfare states.
Discussant: Paul de Beer

Chen Wang: Investing in poverty? The social investment state and poverty in 19 European countries
Discussant: Frank Vandenbroucke

12:00-12:45: Lunch / plenary presentation
Vandenbroucke: Europe: The Social Challenge. Defining the Union’s social objective is a necessity rather than a luxury.

14:00-15:30: Session 3
Chair: Jan-Willem Duyvendak

Marguerite van den Berg: Speeding up and slowing down. Time in the execution of parenting in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Discussant: Romke van der Veen

Laurens Buijs: Simply tolerant in the Dapperbuurt.
Discussant: Minna van Gerven

Pieter Baay: “I work because that’s what ‘we’ do”. Identity Based Work Motivation in Dutch Labor Market Entrants.
Discussant: Evelyne Baillergeau

15:30-15:35: Coffee

15:35-17:30: Session 4
Chair: Romke van der Veen

Neda Delfani: The effect of institutions on the use of housing as a pension.
Discussant: Jeroen van der Waal

Koen Caminada/Kees Goudswaard/Chen Wang: Disentangling income inequality and the redistributive effect of taxed and transfers in 20 LIS countries over time.
Discussant: Duco Bannink

Ioana Pop/Erik van Ingen/Wim van Oorschot: Feelings of depression and social inequalities: a cross-national analysis of 22 European countries.
Discussant: Ferry Koster

Maria Fleischmann/Ferry Koster/Joop Schippers: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! How and under which conditions employers invest in the employability or their older employees.
Discussant: Jan-Willem Duyvendak

17:30: Drinks