ESPAnet NL-VL was established in 2006 to facilitate the exchange and cooperation between social policy analysts in the Netherlands and Flanders and to provide a forum and a network of communication for the development of European social policy analysis as a research area and education.

Towards these ends, ESPAnet NL-VL seeks to develop contact with policy analysts and universities to exchange ideas. Therefore, it encourages the dissemination and exchange of information on important developments relevant to European social policy and facilitates and promotes international research in this area.

University research programs

ESPAnet NL-VL connects researchers and universities.

Team Social Policy and Social Work of the KU Leuven

The Social Policy and Social Work team is a research team that broadly focuses on the development of European welfare states and social interventions by social workers, including their outcomes in terms of inequality, poverty, wellbeing and empowerment, as well as their social legitimacy.

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Team the State of Local Welfare at Erasmus University Rotterdam

In the last decade, the institutional and administrative organization of European welfare states have changed considerably, and continues to do so. This research project focuses on the reality of the implementation, organization and management of integrated welfare service delivery on the local or regional level.

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